Living in Florida and my love of glass, nature, ocean and time spent beach-combing and snorkeling during Hawaiian vacations inspire my tide pool sculptures.

Each tide pool is a colorful, one-of-a-kind stained glass/mixed media creation. Flowing glass shapes mimic pooling and receding tidal waters, capturing colorful glass nuggets, sea life, a variety of shells and agate slices and jewels. Each tide pool is a joy to make, as I hand cut each piece of glass and position each element, the tide pool evolves and emerges piece by piece, until finally the "sum of the parts = the whole".

I love making commissioned tide pools! I can customize a tide pool for you with your color preferences, to the size you need, with the type of shells and embellishments that you like. We can create a more meaningful and personalized artwork for you by arranging to incorporate shells and other keepsakes that you have collected.